Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beyond Boundaries has begun!

On June 7th, 2009 I arrived at Three Creeks in Big Pine California to begin my journey with Beyond Boundaries!  Located in the Owens Valley on the Eastern Sierras, my new 'home' is a dessert Oasis.  Gigi Coyle and Win Phelps, the elders of our community, are our hosts here.  They are caretakers of this beautiful land, and shepherd it well paying close attention to the water.  The 'three creeks' come from the Owen's River, and flow through the five acres providing water for the orchard, garden and a lovely pond.
The group is made up of eight individuals ranging from 19-66 years of age.  This is truly an inter-generational group!  Gigi dreamed up this crazy adventure, and together with her husband Win is leading this first stage of our work together.  Gigi is an amazing visionary who has done a variety of work, most recently in the realm of wilderness rights of passage and the way of council.  Win is also a wilderness rights of passage guide, and was once a hollywood director!  Will has been working in wilderness and leadership, both with The School of Lost Borders and his own organization.  Shay, my roomate in the yurt, has been working closely with the Bioneers Youth programs.  Aaron and Emilia come from Maine, where they both worked in the outdoor industry and the arts.  Emilia is an amazing songstress and photographer, and Aaron is rekindling his relationship with the paint brush.  Sam is our youngest member, with an amazing heart.  He comes to us from Hampshire college, and will be continuing his studies through participation in Beyond Boundaries.
We jumped right in, talking about our intentions and the work ahead.  So much excitement.  Our first council included many witnesses; friends, family, donors and members of the Biosphere Foundation.  I felt so good sitting there, knowing I was right where I was meant to be, full of gratitude for all the support I have received.  

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