Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ojai is hot!  I am currently at The Ojai Foundation, home to 'the way of council'.  The practice is a way of communicating in a circle format, with the intention to speak and listen from the heart.  The Ojai Foundation has been around for about 30 years, and has been home to a lot of teachers and spiritual leaders.  This past weekend I participated in the Gathering of Council Leaders and was positively inspired!  A lot of people were from Southern California, doing the work in schools, prisons, corporations, and many other venues.  The weekend was jam packed with activities, networking and councils.  I finished the weekend with a sweat, it was long, healing, hot and powerful!
The past three days we have been doing a variety of service work, here on the land and with the Chumash people.  We worked on a piece of land recently given to a group of Chumash.  They have created a monument, and have big plans for future work on the land.  We hope to return in March and work again.
We leave on Sunday for Portugal, and I am super excited!  We will be working with Tamera for a month, doing service work and participating in the Summer University, a two week seminar described as "Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War".  The intention is to envision a healthy planet.  "With global crises overlapping, it is becoming evident that we are close to facing a paradigm shif; so let's get together for a think-tank and the vision of a future worth living!"
My sister Laurel arrives today for a last minute visit before the big send off.  I haven't seen her since October, she has been in India doing service work.  I am so glad to have the opportunity for some sister love before taking off.
Well, I am off to a council on diversity, a council we are living every day!

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